Andrew Francis Parchue, better known by his stage name, Parish Andudu, is a Garifuna musician, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Dangriga Town, Belize on May 21, 1960. He served in the United States Army and spent many years as a Correctional Officer. 

Parish Andudu started writing music in 1997 when he was stationed in Mons, Belgium. His music is significant because he is trying to preserve the Garifuna language (which is considered endangered). He uses his lyrics to talk about social issues namely, HIV, poverty, education, and life-lessons. 

Parish Andudu is grateful to his late mother, Martha Pearl Olga Parchue, for instilling in him the love of the culture, especially the language. He is also thankful to his late sister, Grace Roaches Ramirez, for being his mentor. Parish Andudu’s music was influenced by drummers like the late Isabel Flores (aka Isawellu), guitarist the late Junior Aranda, and Master Pen Cayetano, the founder of Punta Rock Music.

Parish Andudu’s music genres include Paranda, Punta, along with combinations of other Garifuna dances like Hungu Hungu, Chekanare, and Gunjei. Some of his songs carry Reggae tunes. 

In 2015, Parish Andudu decided to take his music from hobby to business. Since then, his songs have been playing on the Belize radio stations. He has recorded 79 songs. Some of the songs include Pashishi Paco, Drums of My Fathers, Apology, Seinsu, and Primetime (40 Something). In January 2021, his first album, Faluma aka Coconut, was officially released. In June 2022, the second album, Stuck in the Mud, was released followed by Aba Liburu (One Pound) in November 2022. In February 2024, the single, Viagra aka Viagura was released.

Parish Andudu is a proud Garifuna. He encourages others to embrace Garifunadou daily, not just for November 19th, Garifuna Settlement Day. He challenges old and young people to speak Garifuna. Wayanuha Garifuna.